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“Filler” Games

In the fall, I Kickstarted a few games that were “filler” type games. These are games that take less than 30 minutes to play and usually have a small footprint. Their purpose to “fill” the time. You could be waiting for another group’s game to end. You could want to play a quick game. Either way, these filler games fit the bill.
Everyone is going to have a different idea on what a filler game is. For me, filler games are short without losing any substance. You could say that a game like “Speed” (think 52-card deck) is a filler, but there is no substance to that game. I game like Coup is also short, has few components, but has a wide breadth of diversity and smart decisions.
A few I backed last year are Ahead in the Clouds and Pack o Games. The latter contained 10 little games in a small pouch. By little, I mean the games are about the size of a pack of gum. Both of these games helped broadened my scope on what makes a good game. Both games use the cards themselves as the “board.” Players use cards to mark resources as well. For my “Lawnmowers” design, I have started to think in this direction. A box with components isn’t needed. A few positioned cards can give the illusion of anything. A creator can position nine cards to look like nine street blocks, complete with streets. Those games have helped me to think “outside the box” and toward a different type of game.
More and more I value the filler game for low play time and easy accessibility. I often underestimate the difficulty of games. Fillers have helped me to bring my family and new gamers along into my hobby. They are sneaking up as my favorite type.