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100 Game Challenge – Update and Advice

My family has been on Spring Break this week. When mom and dad both teach, and the kids are all in school, it is a family break. We have played lots of games this week and have progressed our “100 Games Challenge.” To that end, I have some notes and advice.

First, it has been great to play some of the same games over and over. We have lots of games. We don’t play half of them as often as I’d like. This challenge helped us to pick some old ones and new ones, and play them an equal amount. A game like Terra Mystica deserves successive plays to capture its value. Others on the list are similar. While King of Tokyo and Pups are games that we can play lots of times in short order.

One thing I would do differently is to include fewer “heavy” games. We tend to play heavier games as a family, and I forget that isn’t the case for many groups. I would have thrown in a few shorter play time games. Not only could we play more, but it would also give the appearance of traction in our challenge. We are currently still all on board, but if it every gets tedious, the fun is gone. Shorter games might help to keep that feeling away.

Also, I’d suggest tracking your plays someplace. Boardgamegeek.com has a great way to track plays of any game you own. There are also apps gamers have developed for that task. Tracking your plays would help you to understand your families highs and lows in gaming. It might even help with future purchases.

Again, all in all, we’re enjoying the Challenge and will continue it until it is complete. I’ve already got my mind on the games I would play next.

100 Games Challenge

In recent perusing of Facebook, I’ve come upon the same picture over and over. It is a picture of a plaque that has 110 empty spaces for meeples. To their left, there are whiteboard spaces for names of games. The idea: play 10 games 10 times each. Some have called it the 100-Game Challenge. I called it an immediate buy. (click picture for your own)

The title “In This Home We Game” of course caught my eye because of my love of gaming with my family. We bought it and decided that each of us would choose 2 games. We wrote them all down and proceeding to plan our strategy to make it through the challenge.

We chose the following games:

  1. Terra Mystica
  2. Castles of Burgundy
  3. Carcassonne
  4. Feast for Odin
  5. Scythe
  6. King of Tokyo
  7. Small World
  8. Quadropolis
  9. Zooloretto
  10. Pups

There is a mix of heavy and light, leaning toward the heavy side. My family tends to play heavy games though that doesn’t mean we don’t like light ones.

I plan to update the status of the challenge as we go through it. Which games would your family play in a similar challenge?