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Things I Read This Week – 1/29-2/4

Indigenous Board Game Design in The Gift of Food

I read this about the board game called “The Gift of Food.” Pacific Northwest natives created it for their specific population group. The idea is to teach them about their cultural gathering practices. I’m making “Heartland” targeting a specific part of the country as well, so it was an informative read.

How to Learn Board Game Design and Development

A great top-to-bottom read on the board game design process. I’m thankful for folks like this who take the time to teach the rest of us. I will give back in like manner one day.

The Condensed Guide to Running Meetings

The word “meeting” is a curse word to me. I hate them. If more folks ran meetings this way, they would still be bad. But less so.

Average Manager vs. Great Manager

Here is a cartoon I enjoyed about what makes a great manager. I’ve had good and bad ones, and I’ve been both.


How Being Bored Out of Your Mind Makes Your More Creative

I always tell my students that there is no such thing as boredom. This article suggests the same idea – that creativity comes when your mind isn’t occupied. It’s a good thing.


Things I Read This Week – 1/22-1/28/2017

This week, I focused my reading away from gaming. The current political climate, along with other interests.
As a part-time pastor, it’s always important to consider how to keep my preaching skill sharp. Articles like these are always helpful.
One thing the political season taught us is how to accept new definitions. “Taught” is the wrong word. And we never have to accept them.
Again, the pastor thing. I’m also a church planter. This requires reading and learning because I’m not particularly good at it.
A big thanks to my friend, Barrett Young, for this post. He is an aspiring powerlifter. I’m an aspiring board game designer. The “aspiring” part is what keeps us going. 
A simple read from an aging study at Harvard. Gaming fits this niche for me and my wife (and family) well. 

Things I Read This Week: 1/1/2017-1/7/2017

I read a wide variety of things this week. I mixed in some weather, with some politics, and of course games. Here are five articles I think you might enjoy:

The Top Ten Weather Events of 2016

I love to read the blog by Jeff Masters as he gives a great global perspective on the weather. Sadly our planet’s weather has been politicized with topics like global warming.

9 Things You Should Know About J. R. R. Tolkien

Great read from the Gospel Coalition about Tolkien. I’m a giant fan of Tolkien’s and love most of his work. This information was fascinating.

Top 10 Most Innovative Kickstarter Strategies of 2016

Here is another one from Stonemaier Games. Great ideas in moving forward with my future game design.

A Feast for Odin Review

This one is from Board Gamers Anonymous. I read several other reviews of this game since it’s one of my newest. It’s a great game, and I love to read the perspective of others concerning games I consider to be great.

How to Brainstorm Ideas (for Boardgames)

This one is good for would-be game designers. It’s always good to be thinking, and this article gives helpful tips for that task.


Things I Read This Week: 12/25-31/2016

Every week, I’ll post several of the articles I enjoyed this week on a variety of subjects. I typically read anything from board games to science to theology. Some of the things I read are worth sharing, so here goes:

Stonemaier Games – 10 Most-View Kickstarter Posts

Stonemaier Games is the publisher of the popular game, Scythe, which was released earlier this year. Jamey Stegmaier has mastered the crowd-funding game, and this post, along with his whole “Kickstarter Lessons” series have been very valuable to me.

Interview with James Hudson, the creator of Barnyard Roundup

This one is from a blog I just started reading called, “A Series of Kickstarter Interviews,” by Tompet Games. Again, great insight from the crowd-funding front.

Do More Better in 2017

This one is by Tim Challies at I read his blog regularly for theological insight on current books and topics, but here he gives advice on productivity. The article itself doesn’t say much, but it does point to his book on the subject, which I have read and enjoyed.

What Games Do Parents Often Forbid Their Kids to Play?

An interesting list of games that parents often ban their kids from playing. Many of them are violence or obscene. It’s always good to know what’s out there so that you can make informed choices. I like a few of those games…