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Nerdstravaganza – A Gaming Event – Part 1

For almost ten years, my friends and I have met together a few times a year to play board games. Most of us met in college. Since then, we’ve gotten jobs and families of our own, but we are all still friends. This is our reunion. It’s our way of enjoying what we always enjoyed together and keeping our friendships strong.

The event has taken many forms over the years. We began meeting in one of our houses. As that option was no longer viable, we moved to local (Murray, KY) rental spots. Tomorrow, we will meet at the high school where my wife and I teach. We’ll be inviting my gaming club, the Gametes, to join us.

As I’ve stated many times, gaming with family is a good thing for a family. It keeps them communicating and working together. Even in competitive games, the act of learning and playing a game together is a bonding experience. I say the same thing for a good game group. Event though we only meet a few times a year, it’s a great time. We keep our friendships kindled and re-up on life together. We chat daily using Google Hangouts, but there is no substitute for face to face interaction. Board games create that face to face interaction as well as any other activity.

For my next article, I’ll write a post-event wrap-up. I’m interested to see how a bunch of high school kids mix with a bunch of late-30s kids.

Gametes – A Board Game Club

Though I’m a biology teacher, I often talk about games with my students. Board gaming is an important part of my life, and in talking about my life, board games come up. One of my classes became interested in my design project. They started asking questions about more and more games. One day, while talking about DNA Replication, they asked me to sponsor a game club.

They began with the idea of a game/science club. That’s where the name “Gametes” found its genesis. Though we have dropped the science part of the club, the name has stuck. They even ask, “When is the next Game…meet?” Funny, right?

One of the most exhilarating things about this club has been watching them play. When the learned King of Tokyo for the first time, you would have thought they were at a prize fight. When the winning roll happened, there was a collective squeal from the group. Some even fell out of their chairs. The table could not contain the fun, so it spilled onto the floor. It was one of my greatest gaming experiences.

We’ve met several times and it has been great to experience the games with them. I wish I had started the hobby at their age, but I’m glad I started when I did.

My club does have some needs. I’d like for them to have their own collection. I’d also like to have some prototyping materials available to them. As all gamers, their minds will expand to making their own games. I want to be ready. I’m hoping to find a view generous donors via the crowdfunding scene to get us off the ground.

What other needs does a fledgling board game club have?