Christian board games? Or Board games by Christians?

In my last post, a reader commented on Christian board games. It made me think of the first time I saw a Christian “reskin” of a game: Bibleopoly.
Of course, it is like Monopoly but reworked to have a Christian theme. The theme doesn’t add anything to do the game. It doesn’t even present itself as “Christian” aside from the changes in terminology. It is a “reskin,” meaning the designer took the bones of Monopoly and put a different outfit on them.
Is there anything wrong with this? For me, I shout a resounding YES! There aren’t any overt moral implications. As Christians, however, we should hold ourselves to a higher standard. If we want a game with definite Christian themes, that is a great goal. Rather than re-skinning a game, we should make our own.
Being a Christian game designer without designing “Christian” games is another idea. There are only a handful of themes that a Christian should distance themselves from. I know several Christian designers who have excelled at their craft and have designed games with many themes.
There is a broader idea at work here. There are similar questions with music, literature, and art. The Apostle Paul tells us that whatever we do, we should do it for the glory of God. In my view, using any of these creative outlets to create new works glorifies the one who is the first Creator.

4 thoughts on “Christian board games? Or Board games by Christians?”

  1. I would check out Commissioned. It is a Christian themed game that is NOT a re-skin. It has players as the aspostles, spreading the gospel. It is a co-op that I highly enjoy.

  2. I also say “yes” to the question “Is there anything wrong with this?” but for a different reason. I don’t want my/ my children’s faith influenced by iconography and mechanics from a game. If some one makes a christian themed MagicTG knockoff with bible characters, then inevitably, there will be some better and worse cards. Any magic player has certain preconceptions when I say “Shivan Dragon” and a different set of preconceptions when I say “Drudge Skeletons”.

    I’d rather leave those preconceptions in the realm of fantasy and not have them mixed in with my faith and thoughts about the actual people and events of the bible.

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