Broader Scope Incoming

After an extended break, I’m ready to write again.

I thought a lot about my blog and it’s scope after the last month. I decided that while I love to write and talk about games, I also like to write and talk about other things. I saw this blog as a way to begin a discussion about family gaming and some of my own designs. Now, I see it as a way for me to reflect on my gaming experiences as well as other experiences I have.

Every blogger has to come to the place where they realize their blog isn’t going to become the next great blog. I wasn’t naive, but I was hoping to gain a bit more steam for a particular concept. Now I see that hope may be a pipe dream. I want to broaden my scope to consider other “hobbies” of mine: theology and teaching.

My mind is always racing. That doesn’t make me different. My particular bent on the things listed above does though. I often see the three things – games, theology, and teaching – coming together. There is something very pleasing about teaching a new game. There is also something very please about teaching theology. While theology isn’t always game-worth, good games reflect creativity. That creativity comes from a Creator.

While I’ll still write about my thoughts on games and family, I’ll now be adding other things to the mix.

Any of you Christian gamers? Christian teachers? Gaming teachers?

2 thoughts on “Broader Scope Incoming”

  1. What about the intersection of games and Christianity? I saw a “Settlers of Canaan” at a Christian bookstore once. It seems like there are christian knockoffs of a lot of things. My younger cousins had some christian themed CCG when they were kids. It was like playing Magic but with Paul and Angles and stuff from the bible on the cards.


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