The Board Game Cafe

Last weekend, Emily and I, along with two friends, traveled to St. Louis for a weekend of baseball. The Lord had other plans, as it rained the entire time we were there. We did get to watch one game on Sunday, but the team postponed Saturday’s game a few hours before game time. We scoured the webs looking for something to do, and one of the things we found was Pieces, a board game cafe.
Pieces is the first board game cafe I’ve ever seen, much less been to. They featured good food and atmosphere…and a collection of over 500 games. They hooked me with the games part. Emily and I love gaming, but our friends had never played many of the games we are into. After looking at their shelves for a while, I chose a few to play. We had a great time playing games and eating food. What excited me most was the variety of games folks were playing, and everyone was having a great time.
If I ever stumble into wealth somehow, I’m going to open a cafe like Pieces. Also, if you’re in St. Louis and need someplace to spend several hours, I can think of no better place.

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