Heartland – April Update

I made two major decisions about Heartland this week. First, I decided to step away from it until school is over in mid-May. Next, I decided that I am not going to self-publish. I am happy with both decisions, and both have given me rest.

The decision to step away from the game wasn’t hard. I’m piled with work from school. Sunday’s also continue to come around as do the sermons I preach on them. I was finding my desire for game creation was very low and I found myself getting discouraged. I knew then it was time for a break. I took the question to a group of designers – about whether I should step away – and they agreed. Their general consensus was that most games take lots of time to come about. There are no quick successes with game design. It is the slow-but-sure-slog that gets it done every time. I’m going to take a break from the slog to get my real work done and remain excited.

The decision to step away from self-publishing was hard. For some reason, Kickstarter had become the pinnacle I wanted to achieve. I watched other creators do very well and run great campaigns, and it became the dream. A common thread emerged from that group of creators – time, time, and time. This is something I’m not as blessed with, or I’m unwilling to give up. I could work more, but I’d have to sacrifice things I currently do that are not work. I’m not willing to do that. My family, my personal fitness, and my sanity are more important. I’m glad those guys can pull it off and I’m happy for them, but I can’t do it. It would drag me down with it. I’ve decided to talk to publishers that I align with on production level and audience.

I recently sent my game for a company to review. It was a giant step for me, but and exciting one. Even if they tell me my game needs lots of work, the process will be well worth it. I’m learning more and more in life that the process is better for me than the product.


4 thoughts on “Heartland – April Update”

  1. I am kinda sorry to hear that. I was actually looking forward to looking at the game. But I understand. Game design is not easy work. Let me know if you ever want me to look at your game (once you get designing again.)

    1. I’ll start back up in mid-May. Do you have Tabletop Simulator? I’d love for you to help playtest with me.

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