Nerdstravaganza – A Gaming Event – Part 2

The Nerdstravaganza weekend has come and gone. It was a blast as usual, and this time we had over 20 students join us for the festivities. All in all, it was a successful mashup of old gamers and new. I had several major takeaways from the weekend.

Games are Exhausting

My gaming began when my friend showed up Thursday evening at my house. He joins us for every event and stays with my family. We played several games that night. Friday started early and ended close to midnight. After two games of Feast for Odin on Saturday, the games completed their conquest of my brain. This is a good thing. The alternative is to do nothing with my brain on my days off. I’ve written before about the benefits of gaming for your brain. My hope is to stave off mental decay as long as possible. I think brain workouts like this weekend are essential in that task.

New Gamers are Exhilarating

I love gaming with my friends. We’ve been gaming together on many platforms for many years. I prefer playing games with them because they are a known variable – they love games and love playing them. What place do new gamers have in my life? Being able to teach new games to eager and excited students was a great joy that I haven’t often experienced. When I teach games, it is either to my family or my friend group. I enjoy teaching them, but there was something different about teaching the students. My favorite moment is when they would choose to play a game that I had taught them. As they left, they were talking about their favorite games of the weekend. To me, that is a solid victory for my soul, and for board gaming in general.

The Game and the “Gamer” are Evolving

I’ve been playing board games for a long time, but only in the last 7 years have I considered it a hobby. In that time, designer games have evolved from basic euro games to the board game equivalent of a thrill ride. Games are more flashy and colorful – and more expensive. The new breed of gamer has taken up the mantle and is now demanding more flash, more color, and more cost. Gamers don’t mind paying over $100 if they can get a cool dragon miniature or some nice metal coins. Where does that leave a game like Castles of Burgundy, which is an incredible game with low production value? Sadly,it leaves it unplayed.

Some games are revamping. I read that Brass is getting a polished new look. Maybe other greats will as well. What do you think about the new turn in board gaming? Good or bad for the hobby and why?

I'd love to hear your questions and comments!