Gamification of Life: Personal Fitness

 Gamification is the idea that one can take the basic ideas of games (points, competition, fun) and apply them to different areas of life. For instance, a popular thing to do in businesses is to have an annual weight-loss competition. Why? Because competition, rules, and points motivate us. Some parts of life (like weight management) aren’t fun, so why not make a game of them?
I’m starting a series about gamification. In it, I’ll take a basic facet of life and introduce some games associated with them. For this first installment, I’d like to talk about games associated with personal fitness.

Zombies, Run

This is an app for your phone that tells you an audio story while you run. Sometimes the runner has to increase their pace because of the zombies. Sometimes the story involves the running saving someone. Though I’ve never used it, I can imagine it being lots of fun


This one requires a Fitbit device. This one provides benchmarks in several categories like steps and calories. You are then encouraged to beat those marks. There are achievements that can the user can gain and colorful displays that motivate the user.


Strava is an app that connects you to an online community that tracks running and cycling via GPS. It also allows you to track other non-GPS activities. You can establish personal goals and compete against athletes from around the world.


FitRPG is a great app that treats your fitness endeavors like a role playing game. You get experience points for exercise, which make your character better. There are quests to go on, and even sleeping allows you to revitalize your character. This is one of my favorite fitness “games” because I love RPG so much.
What games do you use for personal fitness?

I'd love to hear your questions and comments!