Things I Read This Week – 1/29-2/4

Indigenous Board Game Design in The Gift of Food

I read this about the board game called “The Gift of Food.” Pacific Northwest natives created it for their specific population group. The idea is to teach them about their cultural gathering practices. I’m making “Heartland” targeting a specific part of the country as well, so it was an informative read.

How to Learn Board Game Design and Development

A great top-to-bottom read on the board game design process. I’m thankful for folks like this who take the time to teach the rest of us. I will give back in like manner one day.

The Condensed Guide to Running Meetings

The word “meeting” is a curse word to me. I hate them. If more folks ran meetings this way, they would still be bad. But less so.

Average Manager vs. Great Manager

Here is a cartoon I enjoyed about what makes a great manager. I’ve had good and bad ones, and I’ve been both.


How Being Bored Out of Your Mind Makes Your More Creative

I always tell my students that there is no such thing as boredom. This article suggests the same idea – that creativity comes when your mind isn’t occupied. It’s a good thing.


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