Things I Read This Week: 1/8-1/14/2017

I read a lot of articles about board games this week, and a few others. Here is a sampling of the best things I read this week:

“Twilight Struggle – Digital Version”

Here, Neil Shuck at Meeples and Miniatures reviews the digital version of Twilight Struggle. It has been a Top 5 game at for years. Now, I have no excuse not to play it.

How Is Ministry Made More Difficult by Being in the Bible Belt?

A short video featuring Matt Chandler, the pastor of Village Church in Ft. Worth, Tx. The title of the video says it all.

A Feast for Odin (Game Review by Chris Wray)

A much more thorough review than my own. It confirms the greatness of this game to me. I read this review and many like it, but this one was particularly helpful.

Board Game Raises Over 10 Million!

An article by a non-gaming site about the popular game, Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5. Not my type of game, but it’s great that our hobby is gaining publicity

Family Games: Games that Fit in Your Pocket

All games I had never heard of from a Roman Catholic perspective. A few of those I’ll have to look into.


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