Things I Read This Week: 12/25-31/2016

Every week, I’ll post several of the articles I enjoyed this week on a variety of subjects. I typically read anything from board games to science to theology. Some of the things I read are worth sharing, so here goes:

Stonemaier Games – 10 Most-View Kickstarter Posts

Stonemaier Games is the publisher of the popular game, Scythe, which was released earlier this year. Jamey Stegmaier has mastered the crowd-funding game, and this post, along with his whole “Kickstarter Lessons” series have been very valuable to me.

Interview with James Hudson, the creator of Barnyard Roundup

This one is from a blog I just started reading called, “A Series of Kickstarter Interviews,” by Tompet Games. Again, great insight from the crowd-funding front.

Do More Better in 2017

This one is by Tim Challies at I read his blog regularly for theological insight on current books and topics, but here he gives advice on productivity. The article itself doesn’t say much, but it does point to his book on the subject, which I have read and enjoyed.

What Games Do Parents Often Forbid Their Kids to Play?

An interesting list of games that parents often ban their kids from playing. Many of them are violence or obscene. It’s always good to know what’s out there so that you can make informed choices. I like a few of those games…


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